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    Product Center
    C9 hydrocarbon resin
    Product classification
    Hydrocarbon Resins
    Packaging and Storage
    Packaging:25kg multiwall paper bags or large bags with a net weight of 500kg or 1000kg.
    Storage:Store at room temperature. Avoid light and heat.
    Product introduction

    Luhua C9 petroleum resins are produced by catalytic or thermal polymerization of aromatic olefins from C9 feedstocks; and are pale yellow or dark pellets with good compatibility and stability.

    technical parameter
    GradesColor (Hazen)Softening(°C)Application
    Catalytic polymerized resins
    L-1110≤6105~115Paints, tires, adhesives, inks
    L-1120≤6115~125Paints, tires, adhesives, inks
    L-1130≤6125~135Paints, tires, adhesives, inks
    Catalytic copolymer resins
    G-1100≤495~105Adhesives, paints
    G-1110≤4105~115Adhesives, paints
    Thermo-polymerized resins
    PRR1-100 ≤1190~100Paints, tires, asphalt
    PRR1-110≤11100~110Paints, tires, asphalt
    PRR1-120≤11110~120Paints, tires, asphalt
    Product application

    Luhua C9 petroleum resins demonstrate a wide range of applications as tackifying resins in adhesives, as well as additives and modifiers for tires, paints, inks and other products.