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    Product Center
    C5 hydrocarbon resin
    Product classification
    Hydrocarbon Resins
    Packaging and Storage
    Packaging:25kg multiwall paper bags or large bags with a net weight of 500kg or 1000kg .
    Storage:Store at room temperature, avoid light and heat
    Product introduction

    Luhua C5 petroleum resins are produced by catalytic polymerization of olefins from the C5 distillation as the main raw materials and are pale yellow pellets with good thermal stability and compatibility

    technical parameter
    GradesColor (Hazen)Softening(°C)Application
    A1100SZ≤496~102Adhesives, road marking paints, coatings
    A5100Z ≤497~104Adhesives, road marking paints, Paints and rubber
    L5100Z≤497~104Road marking paints
    R1100W≤498~105Road marking paints
    Product application

    Luhua C5 resins are mainly used as tackifiers in adhesives (e.g. hot melt, pressure-sensitive adhesives, etc.), and also in road marking paints and rubber products.