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    Material Group Co.,Ltd


    Product Center
    Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins
    Product classification
    Hydrocarbon Resins
    Packaging and Storage
    Packaging:25kg multi-wall paper bags or large supper bags of 500kg or 1000kg.
    Storage:Store at room temperature. Avoid light and heat.
    Product introduction

    Product features:

    Luhua hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins are high quality, multi-purpose, water-white thermoplastic resins produced by polymerization and hydrogenation of hydrocarbon olefin monomers, and show good thermal stability and compatibility

    technical parameter
    GradesColor (Hazen)Softening(°C)Application
    HD1100≤50100-109Hygiene and packing adhesives,
    HD1110≤50110-119Hygiene and packing adhesives,
    HD1120≤50120-129Hygiene and packing adhesives,
    HD1130≤50128-133Hygiene and packing adhesives,
    Product application

    Luhua hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin can be used in high-end hot-melt adhesives for hygiene products, as well as hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives and other adhesive products.