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    Isoprene Rubber
    Product classification
    Isoprene Rubber
    Packaging and Storage
    Packaging:25.0kg multiwall paper bags .
    Storage:Store at room temperature, avoid heat and light.
    Product introduction

    Luhua Isoprene Rubber (LHIR) is a polyisoprene with a high cis-1,4 content and high molecular weight. LHIR is milky white, homogeneous and low in impurities, shows good flowability and mixability. 

    technical parameter

    Milky white semi-transparent solid

    Mooney Viscosity, ML55-6465-7475-8485-95
    Deviation of Mooney viscosity of each batch ≤±4±4±4±4
    Tensile strength,MPa23℃≥21.521.521.521.5
    Tear strength,KN/m30303030
    Elongation at break,%,≥700700700700
    Volatiles %,≤
    anti-aging agent %,≤
    Product application

    LHIR is suitable for all applications of natural rubber, such as tires, tapes, hoses, shoes and other rubber products, and offers many advantages which are not found in natural rubbers, including high purity, low gel content, homogeneous, transparency and luster among others, make it possible to produce products which require high degree of purity and molecular regularity. For example, it can be used to produce packaging and sealing of foods and pharmaceuticals, medical plugs and gaskets, baby bottle nipples, health care materials, adhesives and very light colored or transparent rubber products.